This note was written in the main prior to the Brexit referendum of 23 June 2016 and it has been amended slightly subsequently.


I am an ex-pat in France.  In spite of the mess it is likely to cause me directly I am 100% for Brexit.

The European Union has far exceeded the mandate I and so many other Europeans gave it from the 1970’s onwards.

The crazy thing is that a true “Common Market” amongst a limited number of roughly equivalent European Nations, as it was sold originally to the unwitting people of the UK and Europe in 1972 and onwards, was a great and sensible idea.  It was all that was needed to maintain peace in Europe.


The European peoples were duped because the real expansive EU intent of building a new Nation called Europe and overarching unifying intent of the European Union project far beyond a “Common Market” was never overtly disclosed.  UK politicians admitted that the whole concept would have been unacceptable at the time and it is just as unacceptable now especially as the reality of the EU has progressively become exposed.

It is the overweening and vain political ambition of ever greater expansion and “ever closer union”, with the destruction of the individualism and the extreme diversity of the Nation States of Europe that has destroyed that the original laudable aim of a real and effective “Common Market” between similar European Nations.

The EU is now bound to collapse under the weight of its undemocratic anachronisms perhaps within 20 years or less.  Some of the EU ‘s major failures include:

  • it’s currency experiment, the Euro, is a failure because of the inconsistent quality of the economies that have been co-opted into it, leading to severe youth unemployment and economic disaster in its Southern Nations.  On the other hand, it’s comparative undervaluation had been of great benefit to the German economy.

Screenshot 2019-11-02 at 09.31.45.png

  • the EU, excluding the UK, is the only trading block in the world that is falling behind economically.
  • it’s uncontrolled borders, under Shengen, internal and external are unable to control malign influences.
  • the dogma of the free movement of people throughout the EU has unreasonably burdened the more prosperous nations and depressed the wages of their working people. At the same time, it has deprived the poorer Nations of their indigenous talent.  The effects of free movement have fallen heavily on the UK because of the attractiveness and global reach of the English language.
  • the EU incompetence in dealing with trading arrangements outside its closed trade limiting protective customs barriers.
  • over-regulation in all sectors of the economy that gives rise to major burdens on EU businesses, whether they have any trade within the EU or not.
  • an overarching and unaccountable legal system undermining established National legislatures. European legal principles are essentially at odds with the British concept of Common Law.
  • its fatuous energy policies are destroying the industries of its participant Nations.
  • misguided and actually damaging environmental policies.
  • appallingly naïve and dangerous foreign policy decisions such as in the Ukraine.


  • and most crucially the PEOPLE of Europe are unable to dismiss or even influence the makers of their laws and regulations. This has always been the real intention of the EU ever since 1972.


There is now huge democratic dissatisfaction across most EU nations and it is escalating.

The Referenda in France, the Netherlands and Ireland on the Lisbon treaty were lost by the EU but nonetheless they were just ignored and brushed aside.  25% of the French voted for Marine le Pen in the first round of their recent elections and even Macron has admitted that, given the chance, the French people would now vote for Frexit.  The AfD in Germany now has ~90 seats in the Bundestag.  The Poles, Hungarians and other Eastern Nations are refusing to have the illegal immigrants foisted upon them by an authoritarian EU, at the behest of Merkel who exacerbated the problem in the first place.  The list of the disaffected goes on.

It seems that whenever the people are given a chance to oppose Brussels they take it.  The peoples of Europe are now coming to understand the extent to which they have been taken as irrelevant fools by the EU bandwagon for ever closer union.  The EU now clearly thinks it has the right to ruthlessly override any national views that do not accord with its own views for its  inexorable progress.

David Cameron’s attempt at renegotiation for some minor changes before the UK referendum failed to meet any of his objectives, and his original intentions requiring treaty change in the EU were totally rejected.

The disdainful response of the EU, not necessarily its constituent nations towards the UK, its second largest contributor, shows that the EU is institutionally un-reformable from its current state.

The fact that there was a referendum at all, the second largest economy in the EU and its second largest contributor, means that the questions are being asked ever louder right across the Europe.  Just asking the question and the outcome for leave, has already cast real and immediate doubt on the European project.

The reason as even Gorbachov himself has said, “the EU has gotten just as undemocratic as the old USSR”.  As he has said:

“The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”


You can defy democracy and keep the cork in the bottle for only so long.  In the end the people will revolt.  If the EU continues for the longer term, its demise could even turn violent.

Having nearly achieved Brexit, the Brits have done the all the PEOPLES of Europe a huge favour.  This has put down a marker and will accelerate the demise of the bureaucratic dictatorship that was always the EU intention and as it has now sadly become.  Whereas other referenda could be swept aside, the UK plebiscite cannot be ignored.

Brexit can show the way to a free, democratic and cooperative future.

Brexit could well advance the collapse of the house of cards that is the EU, so it might only take 5 years.  Cutting the loss quickly will be the least painful.


As far as I am concerned, Brexit is as significant an event for freedom as the fall of the Berlin wall.

Whether the opportunity of a UK referendum arose in error or for Conservative party political convenience or not, it happened to be a last opportunity for a few of the people of Europe to have say over what the EU had always intended to become and what it has substantially achieved for itself already.


That is creating a full-blown dictatorship over the people of Europe.  Where the controlling politicians would never have to refer to the people again.


To me it is really offensive too, that politicians in the UK and across Europe have meekly allowed the EU to get so far with its ambitions, without consideration for the democratic rights and concerns for their own populations.

So National politicians have progressively allowed competences over all sorts of areas of policy to be ceded to the EU and under the “acquis communitaire”, that was always a ratchet mechanism where, once ceded, a competence could never be returned.  In that way once the direction was set in the 1970’s National politicians seemed to see no problem in just letting the process quietly continue, even though they were progressively exceeding their original mandate from the 1970’s for a real “Common Market”.  And at the same time they were continuously avoiding the embarrassment of asking their populaces, whether they wanted to proceed.

Illiberal liberals spit out the word “populism” as if it is the worst possible insult.  But in the end these are the people who are being ruled and they should be able to object if they find the rulers are malign, misguided, incompetent and self-interested.

All those adjectives can be applied to the Edifice that the EU has already created. The EU seems to have great idealistic ideas, the Euro, Shengen etc. but never seems to understand nor think through nor account for any unintended consequences.

For the EU the concept is always more important than the actual outcome for its constituent Nations.  And now their EU concepts can be seen to be imposed ruthlessly with fines and penalties against whole countries with local objections.

And when you look at the manifest failures of the EU from its illiberal dogmas it is hardly surprising that people can now see through the scam and are now coming to understand the EU’s truly malign and dictatorial intent.

The UK is not alone in this.  The insurrection is clear throughout Europe.  It just happened by chance that the UK had the opportunity to rebel first and the Brexit referendum unlike other plebiscites could not just be swept aside.

In spite of the inevitable short-term chaos, I am optimistic that the outcome will be the failure of the EU and the Euro perhaps in the relatively short term,  (Greek default, Italian banks, southern youth unemployment, foreign invasion by illegals, etc.).

And with luck we will end up a free market trading arrangement between friendly, self-ruling, sovereign states.  That was all that was sold originally and all that was needed from 1972 onwards.


That would be the re-establishment of EFTA or its successor.

Freedom, National Sovereignty, common sense and not dictatorship may just prevail.  But with the growing power of a now clearly malign establishment in Brussels, it will be close run thing.


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